Designed by John Burcham Clamp in a Chicago-esque architectural style, it was constructed to house the manufacture of Wrigley’s Gum.

Today, the chewing gum has gone, but The Wrigley’s building is being restored and refreshed to be the centrepiece in The Burcham precinct.

The Garden City Movement will be brought back to life at The Burcham, with a large communal landscaped area, entitled ‘Wrigley’s Common’ occupying the heart of the development. Ground floor apartments
feature green outlooks, many with their own gardens or courtyards, while those looking inward look out on with the beautiful Wrigley Common created by Durie Design.

There will also be an amazing rooftop garden with outdoor kitchen BBQ areas, an outdoor cinema and edible gardens with destination design at its best, providing ‘people pockets’ for residents to relax, entertain and connect.

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