Observatory Living has been designed as a unique development with exclusive, private landscaped gardens that will form the living heart of the development, given the fact that the apartments surround the garden.

The landscape is the core component of the Observatory Living development and this has been demonstrated from our response to the sites existing gradients, proposed pedestrian building entrances, vehicular access routes, parking requirements, building egress steps, finished building levels, garden terrace levels and solar analysis with particular reference to winter sun opportunities.

The landscape has provided many unique and intimate niche gardens, which will be perfect spaces for residents to gather, entertain and relax. Each people-pocket will act as a destination magnet that will draw people to do more living and entertaining outdoors. The Observatory Living landscape will be a benchmark in living alfresco! And with so many levels and secret gardens to choose from where people may read, meditate, nap, dine, exercise, play, or just simply be; it will become a very personal landscape where individual residents will literally find their own zones and become attached to them.

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