The Ground Plane:

Complementing the sense of establishment of a fully restored, historical church, adjoining the front façade of the building is an arresting and stately street frontage designed by Jamie Durie Design.

The architecture of the building was designed to reflect the shape and angle of the church roof. Durie has echoed this aesthetic and paralleled the same shapes and angles into his landscape design.

Brass is one of the primary material used within the building’s architecture and therefore in the landscape design as well. Matching and escalating the warmth and luxury created by this burnished metal via a floating forest and trapeze garden amalgamated into the front façade and assimilated into the void within the entrance foyer. Slightly transparent, brass mesh angular vessels filled with spill-over plantings of Acacia praviissima take the garden skyward to mirror the tall verticality of the tower and adding to the drama of display.

The planting of Australian Native Golden Penda trees on the street front accentuate the luxe impression achieved through the golden yellow flowers of this spectacular rainforest tree..

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