Bungalow Arm Chair
Bungalow Bench
Bungalow Stool
jpd-parnters-riva1920-_0006_elle ecrit desk
Elle Ecrit Desk
jpd-parnters-riva1920-_0005_ficus stool
Ficus Stool
jpd-parnters-riva1920-_0004_furnature lounge
Furnature Lounge
jpd-parnters-riva1920-_0003_rope stool
Rope Stool
jpd-parnters-riva1920-_0002_tubular chair
jpd-parnters-riva1920-_0001_tubular table
Tubular Table
jpd-parnters-riva1920-_0000_tubular shelves
Tubular Shelves

This collection for RIVA 1920 was largely inspired by mid-century modern furniture with a strong natural aesthetic. The simplicity of these designs is complimented by the attention to detail enhancing the ergonomics and functionality of each piece.

The sofa features an American walnut frame with premium leather cushions and an innovative timber shelf behind the backrest—providing space to display accessories or place your drink.

The Bungalow, Ficus and Rope Stools are statement pieces on their own while also sitting cohesively within the collection—each piece combining leather, rope and timber, innovatively and seamlessly. The Tubular Bookshelf is a storage system with infinite configurations.

The tubular lacquered steel or brass frame and machined recesses in each of the solid walnut shelves allow the customer to be the designer. The Tubular Table has been designed in a similar style with the positioning of the tubular frame base allowing for plenty of legroom when sitting at each end.

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