From the moment I walked into a McGuire showroom I felt immediately at home with their sophisticated blend of natural materials and timeless design. The team and I are honoured to collaborate with McGuire with this exciting new collection. My intention was to learn as much as I could about the McGuire history, their core materials and their talented craftsman and in turn, create a collection that could bring together all of these elements in one elegant offer.

McGuire has a wonderful way of bringing nature into the home with their famous palette of natural and sustainable materials. Our philosophy here at Durie Design is what we call TRANSTERIOR which is the creation of furniture and décor that blur the boundaries between inside and out by bringing nature into the home, the same way that McGuire do. Our use of rattan, both in the sunflower dining, coffee and side tables was simply taking the lead from nature and using the rattan and caning to tell that story. The panel dining table and chairs is a contemporary, Japanese-inspired take on wrapping the cane in a high quality, polished walnut frame with a circular table complete with integrated central planter/ice bucket that also converts into a lazy-susan for those memorable dinner parties and simple family get togethers.

The Folde Lounge is a ground-breaking new lounge system that give you two lounges for the price of one. It uses the same panelling system with hand-selected walnut frames and cushion system that simply folds over the framework of the lounge and can be flipped or reversed at any time to offer two completely different looks with one lounge.

The Satsuma dining setting is the only true 100% outdoor setting in the collection as it uses a handpicked collection of high-grade materials. A solid brass frame forms the structural support for a high quality exterior performance rope that weaves its way through the frame to form an intricate pattern and a solid base for both the table and the stools. The woven base supports an innovative new outdoor tabletop inspired by yachts, using a high-quality, flexible, rubber joining system that allows the select Teak slats to expand and contract, just as they would on those million-dollar yachts. This setting is perfect for a balcony situation, small courtyards, cafes, restaurants or roof top locations. They can all be left outdoors with the full comfort of knowing that the Satsuma Setting will withstand the toughest of elements and the test of time.

The Vertebrae coffee table and side table boasts a handcrafted laminated base in a black burnt Japanese finish inspired by Sho Sugi Ban burnt wood technique that was discovered during the Kyoto fires as a way of preserving precious timbers. It’s complemented by a solid marble top and creates the perfect conversation piece.

The Jetson shelves is a new take on a modular shelving system where the material roles are reversed and the Teak shelving system is wrapped in sage green leather or a colour of your choice and pinned together through a sophisticated brass rodding system that allows you to create your own configurations for your lounge, dining, study or library.

The Loop Lounge Setting is a French-inspired, elegant and simplistic lounge, handcrafted with solid rattan and French caning, with high performance fabrics and solid stone tabletop. The armchairs, coffee tables and lounges are all complemented with handwoven leather handles making this collection a beautifully feminine blend of McGuire’s famous materials and craftsmanship, perfect for the sunroom, verandah, interior lounge or lobby area.

We are so proud to share this with you and our hope for your sake and ours, is that these exclusive pieces will be treasured, admired and enjoyed for many years and most importantly, handed down between generations as all family heirlooms should be, because to us they are as precious as jewels and we truly hope you see them that way too.

A huge thank you to the talented McGuire team and please from us at Durie Design and the McGuire family…….Enjoy!

Jamie Durie