Infused Zig Zag Spike
Infused Wave Dots
Infused Shibori
Infused Pink Frangipani
Infused Falling Dots
Infused Donkey Tails
Infused Chain of Pearls
Infused Canbelabra
Infused Blush Tone Florals
Infused Blue Florals
Infused Abstract Navajo
Iconic Rain
Iconic Meander
Iconic Dunes
Iconic Curtain
Iconic Coil
Iconic Chrysanthenum
Iconic Chain of Pearls
Iconic Amoeba

B+N Industries is honored to introduce a special collaboration with international award-winning designer and author, Jamie Durie.

Durie and his team have created a unique design language called “transterior”: creating seamless transitions between the indoors & out. This philosophy of taking the outdoors inside, and the indoors outside, forges a greater connection to nature in a sophisticated and carefully curated environment inspired by nature and natural elements and textures.

Our acclaimed Infused Veneer and Iconic Panel Collections are a perfect vehicle to translate Jamie’s vision of imbuing interior spaces with the natural world. The result: a collection that will dramatically and elegantly transform spaces – all with a symbiotic relationship of imagery and patterns driven by design and created by nature.

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