Jamie Durie's The Outdoor Room

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By Jamie Durie
Harper Design, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers 2011

Jamie's brand new book takes you on a backyard tour of his most imaginative and awe-inspiring outdoor room designs in this companion book to his popular HGTV television show The Outdoor Room.

Revealing the secrets behind his designs, this book features dynamic photography, including Jamie’s personal travel photographs, and a sneak peek of his own private garden. Complete with detailed site plans, zonal plant lists, and helpful eco-tips, it covers everything from the basics of landscape design to practical, hands-on information, such as how to design your own outdoor room. From an exotic Balinese-inspired dining pavilion to a private English-style garden with an adjoining children’s play area, Jamie shows you how to incorporate his techniques and design principles to create a personal and truly unique garden, giving you and your family and friends the opportunity to reconnect with nature in the privacy of your very own outdoor room. Jamie Durie’s The Outdoor Room is the definitive guidebook to creating beautiful outdoor rooms, no matter the size or location of the space.

“Jamie Durie’s The Outdoor Room is a great concept, and the designs he’s put together are beautiful. The thinking behind them is smart, and it all comes together in that casual, joyous way we’ve come to expect from Jamie Durie.” —Edward Lewine, Domains columnist, New York Times Magazine

“We’ve heard a lot about the ‘outdoor room,’ but rarely is the term accurately defined. Use Durie’s achievable ideas to turn a patch of lawn into a fresh-air living room, dining room, or lounge—perfect for any lifestyle.” —Debra Prinzing, contributor to Better Homes and Gardens

“You’ll want to climb inside this book.” —Family Circle

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Jamie Durie's The Outdoor Room
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